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Services Offered

At Reliant Elevator Inspections and Consulting we want to be your one-stop for all your inspection and elevator needs. You can rely on us for:

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  • Elevator Inspections
    • Annual Inspection – Category 1
    • 5-year Inspections – Category 5
    • Acceptance tests, when components have been replaced
    • Modernization and New Installation Acceptances
    • Turnkey inspections
    • Filing of inspection reports with the state along with required annual fee
  • Contract Reviews
    • Ensure that you are not paying for services and repairs that should be covered with your contract
    • Review contracts to make sure appropriate coverage for your specific needs, based on equipment type and usage
  • Maintenance Management
    • Provide quarterly/semi-annual or annual maintenance audits to verify that your maintenance is on track and being performed in a timely manner.
  • Equipment Audits
    • Provide a detailed survey of the condition and performance of your vertical transportation equipment, with recommendations to improve the life of your equipment
  • Due Diligence Evaluations
    • Examination of vertical equipment to ensure it is up to ASME A17.1 code
    • Peace of Mind that you are not inheriting unknown and costly repairs when purchasing a building
  • ADA Compliance
    • Provide ADA audits to verify if you are in compliance with ADA code 

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